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Rene Boje pursues judical revue

By Hempology | June 21, 2005

OTTAWA. Justice Minister Irwin Cotler has ordered the extradition of a celebrated activist who faces trial in California for tending pot plants at the Cannabis Castle, a Bel Air mansion that served as one of the states first medical marijuana growops in the 1990s.

Renee Boje, 35, who has a Canadian husband and young son, surrendered herself Friday to court officials in British Columbia. She was granted bail while pursuing judicial review of Cotlers decision. That process will postpone her extradition until at least the end of September.
The American citizen sought refugee status in Canada in 1998 following her arrest on drug-trafficking charges charges she believes exaggerated her role in the medicinal-marijuana project.
In B.C., Boje helped found a club that delivered medical marijuana to cancer and AIDS victims on the Sunshine Coast; she married Chris Bennett, manager of the POT-TV website, and gave birth to a son, Shiva, in 2002. CNS

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