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By Hempology | June 16, 2005

RE “U.S. decision will chill Canadian pot plans,” by Ike Awgu ( June 8 ): Again Ike Awgu is out of touch with reality and Canadian views especially. Cannabis has thousands of years of history of medical as well as recreational use. It is only due to certain narrow-minded American views over the past 80 years that laws were changed.

Despite decades of government funding to prove cannabis to be dangerous, research has essentially shown it to be one of the least harmful drugs known to man, with new medical benefits constantly being discovered including management of pain and nausea, treating brain injuries, shrinking tumours and treatment of neurological disorders.

Canada may not impress George W. Bush by choosing logic, reason and science over prohibition era mentality, but the right choice isn’t always an easy one. Besides, rather than living in the shadow of our neighbour to the south, we should stand proud and lead by example.

Derek Snider


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