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Legalizing pot could prove educational

By Hempology | June 8, 2005

VANCOUVER Canada should legalize marijuana so that people trying to prevent drug abuse can talk to teens about it realistically, the way they do with alcohol and cigarettes.

BY FRANCES BULA CanWest News Service

Thats one of two dozen recommendations put forward by the City of Vancouver, as part of a comprehensive prevention strategy for everything from methamphetamine production to alcoholism among seniors.
And its a strategy that Vancouver Mayor Larry Campbell endorses wholeheartedly.
I think the decriminalization doesnt do anybody any good. It sends the message that its OK, but that its a crime to obtain it.
Campbell acknowledges that Vancouvers stand wont produce immediate change. Its a talking point, but clearly its something that has to be done in Canada.
Others say putting marijuana onto the same level as alcohol and tobacco would allow teachers and prevention counsellors to talk about it strategically, rather than just avoiding the topic.

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