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Application made to have seized pot returned

By Hempology | June 2, 2005

Thursday, May 12, 2005

By John Christianson

TRURO An advocate of medicinal marijuana wants a package of dope seized in a drug investigation returned before its best before date expires.
John Thomas Cook, 40, of 750 Old Sambro Rd., Halifax made an application for the return of the seized marijuana. And if its no longer fresh, hes willing to accept cash in lieu of the crop.

Cook, and Stephen Edward Chute, 40, of Springhill, were in Truro provincial court Wednesday to face charges of possession of marijuana and possession for the purposes of trafficking.

RCMP Cpl. Jim Duggan said the two were charged after a quantity of marijuana was seized at an Acadian Lines bus terminal on Jan. 27.

Chute and Cook dont deny that they shipped the drugs from Springhill to Halifax County. They will argue, however, that its not a crime because the drugs are for medicinal purposes.

Cook, who has been smoking marijuana for 20 years following a couple of workplace injuries, runs Cooks Compassion Club and supplies pain-relieving marijuana to


Chute, who was also injured in the workplace and suffers from environmental illness and possibly multiple sclerosis, has used marijuana to relieve his symptoms for more than 12 years.

Chute, who doesnt have a federal permit to smoke pot, said he doesnt want a permit because that allows police officers to search his home any time.

Its like an open search warrant, he said.

Both pleaded not guilty to the charges and return to court Sept. 6 for trial.

Its ridiculous, said Cook. I havent done anything unlawful.

Cook said he may face other charges because he does not want to submit to fingerprinting and photographs for the identification of criminals, a standard police procedure in trafficking cases..

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