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Schapelle Corby has received a 20-year jail term

By Hempology | June 1, 2005

after being found guilty of importing marijuana, 4.1 kg- sparking fury
among her family in court.

Corby had earlier begun weeping and rocking back-and-
forth on her chair after learning that the judges have found
the charges against her as proven – one step below guilt
under Indonesian law – before Chief Judge Linton Sirait
announced the verdict.

The 27-year-old looked stunned as the verdict was
translated for her, but turned around to urge her family to
stop their shouting.

She then hugged lawyer Lily Lupis while members of the
gallery voiced their outrage

Earlier Judge Linton Sirait began his summing up in Bahasa Indonesian to a Denpasar courtroom packed with media, family and onlookers.

Corby, 27, was answering three charges. She faced the death penalty if convicted of importing a narcotic, a maximum of life imprisonment for transiting a drug, and a maximum of 10 years’ jail for possession.

Corby, wearing a black silk blouse and pink pants, was half-carried into the court by about 10 Indonesian police officer.

But Corby’s condition seemed to improve after she sat down, immediately sharing smiles with friends and family in the public gallery.

She had been closing her eyes and taking deep breaths .

Roseleigh Rose, her mother, was carried into court by other members of her family, as was her terminally ill father Michael Corby. Both had to push through a media scrum near the entrance to the court.

The panel of three judges finalised its decision days ago, with one local paper speculating that a 15-year jail term would be announced for the 27-year-old.

Jano Gibson writes: The defence will have seven days to appeal .

The case will then go before the High Court, which has 150 days to make a decision.

Both teams can appeal it’s decision taking the case to the Supreme Court, which will have 170 days to determine whether Ms Corby is innocent or guilty.

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