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Updates, Suggestions, Warnings and Announcements, by Gayle Quin

By Hempology | May 6, 2005

Scott and Ryan’s charges were very fortunately overturned. We would like express our thanks to those of you who kindly wrote letters of support for them, as they are in the end actually for the club. Do you remember SPIKE.’HASH BEAUTY, and HAPPY ROBOT? If you do and would like to see them back on the menu, would you PLEASE write letters of support for the wonderful folks that USED to grow them for us. Our government in its infinite wisdom says we may use our medicine, but has no protection for those who lovingly produce it for us. Without a blanket exemption for our club and all die people involved in keeping it operational, we will continue to fight an uphill battle. Another couple caught growing for die club up island two years ago are facing trial this summer in Nanaimo, though with lawyer John Conroy and the buyers club fully supporting them, it is anticipated that they will get a light sentence.

Once again I would like to graciously thank all who have completed and returned their Research Questionnaires! We’ve been telling people to take their time with them to do a good job, but please do not forget about it. If you like you can always get another one and start again to continue to monitor your progress. The best way to reclaim your health is to reclaim your life and be responsible for your Whole Self, even if it means searching for a new doctor. VICS will be starting their trial for cultivating in May or June as well. The preliminary hearing for Ted’s Nov. 15, 2000 cookie giveaway arrest has been set for June 1,2005 at 10am. The room # is always a mystery until the last minute so please come a few minutes early if you can. Ted is expecting a trial by jury this fall. Ted has appealed his cannabis resin conviction and his UVIC trafficking conviction and is presently waiting for court dates to be set. Thanks to everyone who bought a raffle ticket to pay the fine. If you would like to volunteer or help around the club be sure to attend our Working Group Meetings: next meeting July 5 at 6:30 pm at the club. Have a happy, healthy, and safe summer!

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