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More Court Victories

By Hempology | May 6, 2005

After listening to a one-day preliminary hearing for the last raid at the CBC, Judge Higginbotham threw out all charges because the Crown failed to prove they arrested the right people. This is the second time that the Crown could not prove that those arrested were actually in control of the space. Lawyer Robert Moore-Stewart again deserves our thanks and appreciation for his work defending the club. The raid occurred on Feb. 19, 2003, after police arrested two people in possession of cannabis with a membership card and obtained a warrant for the Johnson St. storefront. After four trials, the police have never found a circumstance where the club’s staff has made a single mistake. Undercover cops have failed in every attempt to join with inadequate information. The only thing wrong our club has done is technically break a law, something more than justified given the great benefits people get from using cannabis.

The only charge to stand after 4 trials against the club is the trafficking resin conviction from Jan. 7 that I am appealing to the B.C. Court of Appeal. That means a total of 11 various types of trafficking cannabis charges have been thrown out, with one left standing. ;. On the bright side, this resin conviction could be the only opportunity I could get to challenge the laws at the highest levels.

In a related case, Mary Jean Dunsdon, a.k.a Watermelon, in Vancouver has set some excellent precedents with her lawyer, John Conroy. She was arrested several times on Wreck Beach selling pot cookies and charged with trafficking cannabis resin. However, John successfully argued that these charges should be thrown out because the procedures used by Health Canada are unreliable. Unfortunately, the last decision was not available for my court case, though I may be able to use it in my appeal.

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