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Pot’litical Corner, by Steve Pittner

By Hempology | April 6, 2005

This time last year, a Federal election raised a number of concerns for cannabis users and die clubs that help provide safe and reliable medical access. Although local M.P David Anderson won his riding in Victoria, he was dropped from cabinet and more recently has announced he will not run in die next federal election. A likely candidate to replace him in Victoria would be Dave Mulroney, a crown prosecutor from a local law firm. We have included his letter in this issue, along with a letter from the Minister of Justice, Irwin Cotler, in response to the letter we sent to politicians which was in our last issue. The wheels of change grind slow with minority governments. Unfortunately, people with chronic pain or terminal illnesses wait while politicians do little. The decrim. law, Bill C-17, sits hi limbo, which is probably a good tiling, while the minority government can’t pass any laws.

Speaking of elections, a Provincial one is in full swing at this time and B.C is once again being swooned with assorted promises. At the provincial level there is limited legal responsibility for medical marihuana users as Health Canada is the federal purveyor of die Medical Marijuana Access Regulations (MMAR). However, prescription drug and law enforcement costs are paid for out of the provincial budget.

It’s nice to know that a few local candidates have at one time or another supported, or at least leaned in favour of softer penalties, legalization and or safe access for medical users. Many marihuana advocates moved to the N.D.P during the last federal election due in part to Jack Layton’s openness supporting full legalization and pot cafes across die country.

In Victoria former city councilor Rob Fleming, who spoke at our 2006 Cannabis Convention, is running in die Victoria/Hillside riding for die N.D.P. Not too long ago, Rob encouraged city council to ask the new Federal health minister Ujjal Dosanjh ( a former N.D.P premier in this province) to clarify the M.M.A.R. Also in the Victoria/Beacon Hill area, the Leader of the N.D.P Carole James is the candidate. While the old guard in the NDP is not fully supportive on this issue, it seems the younger generation is prepared to move beyond cannabis prohibition. The alternative is a nasty Liberal government which wants very harsh laws against all growers and compassion clubs shut down in favour of the federal government’s plans. At the provincial level, the N.D.P has in the past viewed public input seriously and has often leaned towards community-based solutions to address social and health care needs. The candidates need to hear your views so it’s up to you the voter to ask. If you would like to know more about the N.D.P their web address is

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