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By Hempology | April 6, 2005

On Sunday, March 20, the 6th Annual Cannabis Convention, Growing Beyond Prohibition, was held in the Young Building at Camosun College. The convention, sponsored by Camosun College Hempology 101, the Cannabis Buyer’s Club of Canada and Advanced Nutrients, educates students and the public about cannabis and hemp. In addition, the afternoon is a great networking tool for people within the movement, where they can exchange stories, share strategies and plan for the future.

There were six guest speakers forming a well-rounded group of activists: Gordon Harper spoke on behalf of the Regional Addictions Advocacy Society, a group dedicated to educating on harmful patterns of substance abuse. Advanced Nutrients, die leading manufacturer of grow products, sent Tech’ Mike to inform us of their new line and discuss responsible growing. Mathew McCally spoke on behalf of LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition), an American founded, but now worldwide, organization composed of ex-law enforcement officers, lawyers, judges and concerned citizens; LEAP is dedicated to fighting against prohibition starting from within the system. Gayle Quin, who represented the Cannabis Buyer’s Club of Canada, told us her story and talked about the medical benefits of cannabis as well as the unique products the club has to offer. Joanna McKee, founder of the Seattle Green Cross and catalyst for the Washington State Medical Marijuana Initiative, spoke about her patient co-op, a group of medical users who help each other grow medical-grade cannabis.

Of course, the convention would not be complete without the host Ted Smith, President of the International Hempology 101 Society and founder of the Cannabis Buyer’s Club of Canada. To cap off the afternoon we had a raffle and a 4:20; prizes included a beautiful glass bong, a Walbran Steve plaque and a full kit of nutrients supplied by Advanced Nutrients, to name a few. The convention was a huge success. To accommodate larger attendance the 7th Annual Cannabis Convention will be moved to the University of Victoria, to be held in Jan. 2006 instead of March, a busier month for students. Ted was arrested Nov.8, 2000 at a 4:20 circle on campus and was banned from UVic. That afternoon, undercover officers faked tokes at the 4:20, put the roaches out and later arrested Ted in the parking lot. However, a recent court decision allowed Ted back at the university for the first time in over four years, where he continues the Wed. 4:20 meetings of the UVic International Hempology 101 Club. Ted’s fine of $575 for sharing joints at UVIC will be paid for in large part by a raffle held on April 20 at 4:20. Keep updated at weekly Wed. meetings, 3:20 at Lansdowne Camosun, 4:20 at UVic and 7 pm at a location downtown. Check out our website:

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