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McGill Launches Pot Study.

By admin | December 10, 2004

The Montreal Gazette
Dec 08, 2004.

The first-ever safety study of medical marijuana use has been launched.

Researchers will follow 1,400 chronic pain patients, 350 of whom use cannabis as part of their pain management.

Lead researcher Dr. Mark Ware, of the McGill University Health Centre, says they won’t be recruiting cancer patients for the study.

Ware says participants will typically have pain from spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, arthritis or other kinds of hard-to-treat neuropathic or muscle pain.

Seven participating pain clinics across Canada are now enrolling patients for this study.

Dr. Jean-Paul Collet of McGill says participants will have access to research-grade herbal cannabis and followed for one year.

He says they’ll look at a range of safety issues, including adverse events, kidney, liver, heart and lung function and hormone levels.

Since 1999, Canadian patients have been able to use cannabis for medical reasons, under specific circumstances.

But the safety of cannabis used for medical purposes has not been studied.

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