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CBC of C Budda Balls

By Hempology | October 29, 2004

We are going to share the delicious and nutritious Budda Ball Recipe.

First you put 4 cups of Rolled Oats, 3 cups of coconut, 1 ‘/a cups unsalted raw or roasted Sunflower Seeds, 3 cups Soy Protein Concentrate, and 75g. or 4 tbsp. Hemp protein.

Mix thoroughly and then make a bowl shape with the mix. Add 1 cup cannabis infused olive oil and xxxxxxxx (secret ingredient*).

Mix until it becomes small doughy balls, no powder should be left . Add 400g natural wild honey and finish mixing thoroughly.

Roll into balls 2.5-3cm. (11/2″) in diameter. Put Vi cup ground almonds on a plate, coat the surface of the balls to harden the surface and not loose the oil. * Secret ingredients and methods of making cannabis butter will be revealed in the next issue of Cannabis Digest.

There are more new products in the club almost every month right now. Several varieties of massage oil are being tried with good results. We are making a poultice made with leaf used for making other products. This product has never been made before to our knowledge.

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