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Join The Club: Medical Club Seeks Bold Students.

By admin | September 29, 2004

Micah Luxen
Nexus, Camosun College.

The International Hempology Club seeks to promote awareness of cannabis (marijuana) and share the experience with open-minded students.

For the past seven years, the International Hempology Club has been meeting at Camosun. During get-togethers, members discuss the uses of hemp and society’s stigma against cannabis users.

“Last year we even went on a field trip to Vancouver to attend a hemp convention,” says Gayle Quin, board member of the International Hempology Club.

“We really want to educate people on the medicinal benefits of cannabis.”

The club promotes hemp soap, tea, and many food items.

“It”s really an important part of our diet that most people aren’t getting.”

During the meetings, club members experience cannabis products firsthand and learn about proper methods of growing, cooking, and treating diseases with the plant.

“We just want to educate people about the myths surrounding cannabis,” says Quin.

The International Hempology Club meets on the Young Buildings lawns under the old clock tower every Wednesday at 3:20 p.m.

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