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Da Kine Cafe Burgalry Bungled.

By admin | September 6, 2004

by John (Flash) Gordon,
Cannabis Culture Magazine
Aug 20, 2004.

Da Kine cafe has not been without its share of problems and hardships

Da Kine Cafe has received a great deal of support from the cannabis community and has shown itself to be middle ground and focus for many in the cannabis community.

Even after extensive renovations including a spacious smoking room which is fully ventilated to meet city and bi-law standards and forming a working relationship with the Police and Civil Authorities and developing an ever increasing clientle of medical users Da Kine cafe has not been without its share of problems and hardships.

First it was the toilet backing up from the grease of the neighbouring sushi joint causing the office area to need re-flooring then last night shattered glass in the wee hours at 1015 Commercial Drive, the latest hot spot.

The would be thieves showed incredible stupidity thinking they could break a huge plate glass window and pillage the shop without people getting a good bead on them.

The ganstahs in their haste grabbed the tops of two or three grinders, leaving the bases behind, ignoring the more pricey ones, no doubt working in complete or near darkness.

They made off with two scales and never discovered the hidden safe, which had been emptied before anyhow. Luckily the glass escaped being stolen or ruined.

It is dubious whether a B.C. judge would accept “Jonesing for a Toke” as an excuse for the sorry behavior of these two.

Not only do they give pot smokers a bad name but drawing unnecessary heat and attention to a facility long needed as a step towards harm reduction for the whole greater community.

Obviously whether were talking about the arson of the old Blunt Brothers Cafe or this recent break-in at everyones favorite new hang out NOT EVERYONE is happy with the advent of the End of Prohibition.

Marc Emery was on hand in his newly leased neon green Thunderbird convertible to view the damage and bring Don and Carol his moral support, a Veteran to worse happenings himself and shopped long enough on the drive let a beautiful and mysterious stranger from out of town assist him to bring back Gellattos for the gang downtown.

The Dutch Chocolate shop also a neighbour to Da Kine seemed unperturbed by the breaking glass incident and the police kept guard until opening. The chocolateur said that if anything Da Kine “would be good for business” and had a good laugh.

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