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Detectives Overcome By Moldy Marijuana: Stored Marijuana Had Fungus Growing On It.

By admin | August 27, 2004

Several Denver police detectives were recovering Thursday after being overcome by vapors from what appeared to be moldy marijuana in the police evidence locker room.

The three officers were in the room Wednesday to remove and destroy the marijuana after a criminal case was concluded. When they opened a bag of the confiscated drug, they smelled a strong odor and became sick shortly after.

After the officers were overcome, the Denver Fire Department hazmat team was called to help decontaminate them and check the nearby police parking garage for additional vapors.

A police spokesman told 7NEWS the problem was caused by fungus that grew on the stored marijuana that was hazardous to breathe. Some mold that grows on marijuana is said to make it more potent.

The detectives were taken to Denver Health Medical Center to be checked out and then released.

Tests are being conducted on the marijuana to confirm it was what caused the breathing problems.

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