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Well-Known Marijuana Activist, Marc Emery, Sentenced To 3 Months in Jail.

By admin | August 20, 2004

Canadian Press
August 20, 2004.

One of Canada’s best-known marijuana activists was sentenced Thursday to three months in jail after pleading guilty to trafficking when he passed a joint to a supporter last March.

Marc Emery, president of the B.C. Marijuana Party, was charged with trafficking after he spoke at a political rally at the University of Saskatchewan in March.

Emery’s lawyer said the sentence is too strict for simply passing one joint to one person.

“I do have an issue with the length of the sentence,” said Leanne Johnson. “Three months is a bit of overkill, perhaps, for passing one joint to one person.”

Outside the courthouse, Emery said his devotion to marijuana won’t change.

“Marijuana is the most beautiful, perfect plant ever put on this earth. I’m a great devotee of it and that won’t change, no matter what a judge would sentence me to.”

Marijuana has provided medical benefits to many Canadians, added Emery, who has been a common figure at pro-pot rallies for years.

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