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Ted Smith In Court Today

By Ted | February 12, 2004

By Ted Smith

International Hempology 101 Society

Victoria, B.C. -
Today at 2pm in Courtroom #203 at the Victoria Courthouse, Leon “Ted” Smith will finally start working out his complicated
constitutional arguments against the prohibition of cannabis.
A confused and frustrated Crown Prosecutor has requested Judge Smith to reconsider the process he set out in his private
chambers 3 years ago where the constitutional arguments of “Ted” Smith would be held before and separate from the criminal trials.

Lawyer Robert Moore-Stewart will argue that the original process was unclear and unfair to his client, and will agree
with the Crown that directly proceeding with the criminal trials would be the most expedient manner to deal with the broad
range of issues.

A constitutional question hearing was granted to Ted after he was arrested sharing joints at the University of Victoria on
November 8th, 2000 and giving away pot cookies one week later. He has since been arrested twice during raids at the headquarters
of the Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada – on January 3rd and March 21st, 2002 – and now faces a total of 6 trafficking related

Legal costs are covered, in part, by the sale of CANNABONDS by the International Hempology 101 Society. For $25 the society
will issue a certificate which promises the holder of the CANNABOND 7 grams of quality cannabis 3 months after the trafficking
laws have been permanently struck down in Canada. The idea, which we borrowed from Chris Clay, has raised the group over
$6,000 and it is hoped that as Ted’s court cases proceed, sales will increase.

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