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By Hempology | February 6, 2004


On Jan. 7. 2005.1 was convicted of trafficking cannabis resin for selling cannabis cookies, massage oil, salve and vegetable oil capsules at the Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Canada on March 21. 2002. At the same time, charges of trafficking cannabis were dropped against me because the Medical Marijuana Access Regulations only provide protection for cannabis (marijuana) and do not include cannabis resin or THC – the most active chemical in the herb. This means that even people who possess personal licenses to grow cannabis become criminals if they cook the plant into food. That is considered manufacturing a drug according to the current laws. These laws must change. On Feb. 3. 2005. An appeal will be filed to challenge this court decision and the federal government’ regulations. A protest at David Anderson’s office will only signal die beginning of our fight to change the laws to include cannabis food and skin products in the MMAR. If you cannot attend the rally, please call or write to various media sources to inform them of our activities and your opinion. A letter will be handed to David Anderson’s staff explaining why Health Canada should amend the MMAR to include cannabis resin, cannabis (THC) and the other cannibinoids mentioned in the CDSA. ( See page 3.) This letter will also be sent to politicians, bureaucrats and media listed on page 7. We need as much help as possible educating these people about cannabis resin, the medical benefits of eating cannabis and how the administration of justice is put into disrepute when unjust, irrational and insulting laws are enforced. Please be polite in all phone calls, letters and e-mails you send, and for some lips check out an article on writing posted at the club and on

Our leaders and the community should realize that the only people who benefit from this interpretation of the law are pharmaceutical companies. Millions of dollars have been accepted by Health Canada from drug companies to patent and market cannabis pills, inhalers and skin products. It will be years before any of these products are readily available on the market. This means license holders are expected to smoke, go without cannabis food or become criminal by cooking the herb, even if they could legally grow it. Many sick people neither have the kitchen utensils, knowledge or physical ability to make their own cannabis food. The experience gained over the years by the club has helped us develop healthy, consistent, cannabis food and skin products. Providing fresh baked, quality cannabis food is an essential component of ‘compassion’ clubs because edible products need to be consistent and readily available. Pressure will also be applied to Victoria City council to force Health Canada to come here and make a presentation about die medical cannabis programs. Almost three years ago, after die March 21, 2002 raid, we petitioned City Hall to help us. At a joint meeting with the police board, the city formally made a request of Health Canada to come here and explain die MMAR and how they impact the community. That meeting has never happened, despite the occasion signal from Ottawa that they were prepared to come. This meeting must happen or our club will continue to sit in limbo while everyone is wondering exactly what Health Canada is doing with its regulations and programs

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