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Another Successful Medical Marijuana Day

By Hempology | December 3, 2003

more by Ted Smith

By Ted Smith

International Hempology 101 Society

Another successful series of activities marked International Medical Marijuana Day this year,
with a nice surprise thrown in by the police. A police officer actually approached the rally
at the Ministry of Health to ask if there was any way he or the department could help! We
were so shocked at the offer, which was made while both local TV Stations filmed, that after
being a little skeptical the only request made was that police act respectfully when people
claim medical need of cannabis. The officer then suggested that the police department could be
counted upon if the medical cannabis community needed help! While most remain wary and want a
statement in writing, never in the history of cannabis activism in Victoria has a police officer
offered help so openly in front of the media.

Rain and cold wind kept many members away from the events on Saturday.

While the art auction had the potential to raise thousands of dollars, because the quantity and quality of the
donated art was awesome, the total raised was just over $1,300. This money does cover the
$800 cost of legal fees from the raid on the Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada of June 2002
where Bob Moore-Stewart got the charges against Colby thrown out in court. The rest of the money
goes to help pay for other legal fees regarding the 4 other police raids at the
Cannabis Buyers’ Club which occurred between January 2002 and February 2003.

The City of Victoria officially declared November 15th as International Medical Marijuana
Day for the second year in a row at the November 13th council meeting. This proclamation
has been useful in court defending the Cannabis Buyers’ Club’s growers as we have proven
that the club is a recognised and valuable part of the community.

The biggest disappointment Saturday was that CANNABIS DIGEST did not get released. Expected
now by the end of November, the editors did not want to rush the first edition and distribute
a product of poorer quality. Saturday also marked the 3 year anniversary of the time I was
arrested for trying to give away pot cookies and spent my 1st night in jail. No one has been
arrested giving cookies away at any International Medical Marijuana Day since, and if cookies
were handed out again this year, I had nothing to do with it.

A constitutional challenge has been prepared by Bob Moore-Stewart to fight the
trafficking charges which have been laid against me from my pot cookie give-away
and earlier arrest at the University of Victoria. This trial has been delayed for
three years to let the Supreme Court of Canada decide upon the validity of the possession
laws. A decision is expected soon and my trial will begin shortly after, probably this
spring. The arguments will focus upon the arbitrary nature of the law, the lack of valid
scientific proof against cannabis (especially cookies) and the social input of the
obviously inefficient drug laws.

Next year we hope to encourage other groups to organise on International Medical
Marijuana Day by planning rallies, art auctions, fund-raisers, cookie give-aways
and other events.

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