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By Hempology | November 8, 2003

by Steve Pittner

During an interview on Pot-TV (Oct.27/2003), Jack Layton, the federal leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada announced his personal support not only for medical cannabis, but also for the full legalization of it if his party gets into office. However, critics have noted that “the party has yet to define its’ position publicly”. Jack envisions pot cafes, and an open approach to public access to this wondrous herb. He has also noted prohibition laws have been ineffective, and legalization is a more preferable option.
In his interview with Marc Emery, the former city of Toronto councilor stated that millions of Canadians have smoked cannabis and they, their families and friends don’t feel that they should still be criminalized. Rumours persist that the Canadian Marijuana political parties may fold as cannabis advocates move their support to the NDP.

Decriminalization partially addresses the larger issue regarding possession, but it falls -short of addressing the issues of safe access, especially as medicine. Jack would like your vote when the next election unfolds, and would like you to join the NDP in an effort to lead this country into a new era of democracy, where public input is viewed in a serious manner. Please ask your local NDP representatives to support their party leader on this issue, and make the legalization of cannabis a prominent part of the party’s agenda in the upcoming federal elections.

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