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Cannabis Reviews: Train Wreck

By Hempology | October 23, 2003

By Dr. Jay R. Cavanaugh, PhD

American Alliance for Medical Cannabis

I do know a bit about Trian Wreck which has been in California for some 20 years.
I’ve met at least three people who claim to have developed the initial strain.
Who knows.

Train Wreck is a Thai Sativa that was crossed with an Afghani strain of great potency.
The result was a strain with fast flowering, average height, and rich in both THC
as Sativas are and significant CBD from the Indica.

Train Wreck is like many other hybrids that combine the best of Sativa and Indica.
It is extraordinarily resinous and one of the most potent strains around.

It has been bred true for quite awhile.

Most folks think of Wreck as a Sativa but it does double duty. Train Wreck is
excellent for pain, particularly the chronic pain of back disorders, arthritis,
and neuropathy. At the compassion center in Arcata, CA, patients were given
color coded packets that contained either Wreck, Jack Herer,
or another strain that I’ve forgotten. 95% chose the Wreck. LOL, I was one of the
only “judges” that picked the Jack because Train Wreck is usually to strong for me
:-) Train Wreck probably should be avoided by patients who have dissociative
disorders or tend to psychosis because it’s so strong. When your back aches, though,
Train Wreck is just the right ticket.

For pain, though, few strains work as well as Train Wreck.

I’ve only been involved in medical cannabis since 1997 when I became ill. I’d smoked
in college in the 60′s but not again until I started using cannabis for medical
reasons in 97.

My background is in the medical sciences including a BA in Biology (CSUN), an MS
in Cell an dMolecular and a PhD in Biological Chemistry from Tulane followed by a
postdoc at Stanford School of Medicine in Immunology. None of this taught me anything
about cannabis. For 20 years prior to my graduate work I ran street clinics for
adolescent and adult drug abusers and served on the California State Board of Pharmacy.
I was a straight arrow. :-)

We started AAMC about 2 and a half years ago. Most of us are patients and/or caregivers
and quite a few of us excellent gardeners. I go on road trips to visit the “troops”
whenever I can get away. It’s been great making friends from San Diego to Vancouver.

Down here in SoCal I serve as caregiver for my mother and for a friend with an
autistic teenager. Both Wifey and I love gardening. We grow the best Serrano Chili
and some of the best White Widow around.

Dr. Jay R. Cavanaugh, PhD

National Director

American Alliance for Medical Cannabis

Mission Statement

AAMC represents a fellowship of Health Professionals, patients, educators, clergy,
caregivers, and community members. Included in AAMC membership are experts in the field
of cannabis medicine including clinical applications, cultivation, history,
and medical preparations.

The Primary Mission of AAMC is patient advocacy, patient rights, and support.
Additional aspects of the AAMC Mission include clinical research and educating
decision makers.

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