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Join Us On International Medical Marijuana Day

By Ted | October 1, 2003

more by Ted Smith

By Ted Smith

International Hempology 101 Society

Victoria, B.C. – Cannabis activists in Victoria have
celebrated International Medical Marijuana Day on November 15th
since 1995. Last year the entire City
of Victoria honoured the occasion by officially proclaiming November 15, 2002 as
International Medical Marijuana Day.
Now we hope to help people around the world to get their local government to pass a similar

A tradition of giving 8 awards to influential cannabis activists and groups was started last
year to help high-light the work being done around the globe. Nominations for
this year’s awards will begin in October.

By filling in the details of the following letter and proclamation, then forwarding it to your
local government, you can help legalise cannabis for medical purposes. Encouraging our
to recognise the benefits of cannabis requires the use of a variety of tactics, from letter
writing campaigns to peaceful, civil disobedience. Though asking city councils to recognise
the medical value of cannabis may seem like a small step, it is a means to educate the public
and stimulate public debate with minimal risk or cost. Many local governments also allow
citizens to thank council at a public forum for declaring proclamations, giving those wishing
to speak an opportunity to explain to local political representatives and staff the importance
of cannabis as medicine.

Medical cannabis clubs which have been raided by police can especially benefit from this
initiative, as the CBCoC in Victoria has learned. By engaging with the city council, we have
established the club as a legitimate source for medicine.
The store downtown has survived a total of 5 police raids, which occurred between June 2002 and
February 2003. We are in debt over $35,000 as a result, though we have managed due to the
incredible support of the community. Though CANNABOND sales have helped raise over $5,000 to
help with expenses, it has been difficult channelling money towards our lawyer,
Bob Moore-Stewart. Therefore, to try and raise funds for our lawyer, we are hosting a
silent art auction here in Victoria to be held from October 1st to November 15th at
4:20pm. Stay tuned for more details.

One of the more pro-active annual events of the society is the pot cookie give-away which
has occurred on November 15th in Victoria since 1999. Though we were able to successfully distribute
pot cookies in full view of police and media without arrest, in 2000
Ted Smith was arrested before the event began. A total of 37 pot cookies went missing while the
police counted. Since then, any pot cookie give-aways have been much more low-key.
A constitutional challenge to the trafficking laws is still before the courts.

The following proclamation was written for Victoria, B.C. and while it is
generally acceptable for other Canadian cities, other versions need to be
created for other countries. We will put examples of good proclamations
on our web page (
as soon as possible. Please e-mail us
( a copy of
acceptable proclamations and declarations.

A free membership to the International Hempology 101 Society will be granted to everyone who
successfully gets their municipal government to pass a proclamation for International
Medical Marijuana Day.

For more information, contact:

City Application for International Medical Marijuana Day

From: International Hempology 101 Society826 Johnson St.

Victoria, B.C.


(250) 381-4220

and: ________________________________________________________________________




To: City or Municipality of ____________________________________________________




Re: International Medical Marijuana Day on November 15th, 2003
_________ ____, 2003

For over 8 years our organisation has been providing information to the public about
the medical benefits of cannabis and the harm caused by prohibition.

Last year the City of Victoria, B.C. unanimously supported a declaration
recognising that people with incurable medical problems have a legitimate
need for cannabis.

We hope that this year your municipality, _____________ will join in the effort
to educate the public about the medical qualities of cannabis and the clubs which
help them.


The following Proclamation was passed by the City of Victoria, BC
on November 14th, 2002, making November 15th officially
International Medical Marijuana Day in Victoria:

City of Victoria’s Proclamation for International Medical Marijuana Day

International Medical Marijuana Day Proclamation



IN WITNESS THEREOF, I hereunto set my hand this 14th day of November,
Two Thousand and Two.






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