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Anti-pot sentiments misguided

By Hempology | June 18, 2003

From the Victoria News, June 18, 2003

Letter to the Editor by Barry Carvish

RE: letter “Nasty Stance Taken on Drug Use” by Ken Land (June 11 Victoria News).
I don’t know where Ken Lane gets his marijuana, but I’d sure like to know, because
the last time I smoked, the effects wore off in about four hours, not seven days. I have,
however, found that the effects of alcohol use can last for over a day or so, if you
considier hangovers an impairment.

Nother annoys me more than anti-pot moralists who attempt to keep their opinion of
prohibition legislated, thereby oppressing the poeple who choose to use marijuana
responsibly. By asking to decriminalize or even legalize marijuana, I am asking for myself
and the people I know who use responsibly.

I am not trying to force marijuana on people choose not to use, which is exactly what
Ken Lane is doing with his views, in trying to maintain a legislated restriction
on freedoom of choice. Not content to spread information on his point of view, which is
entirely within his right, he would rather maintain restrictions on all of us without
the heavy hand of criminal law.

I applaud the News Group editorial “Why bother?” calling for the legalization of
marijuana. It is time to end this war against cannabis users, provide unbiased
information and research on marijuana, and let the choice to consume lie with

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