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“Joint” Victoria Police Board/City Council Meeting Minutes

By Hempology | June 16, 2003

Joint Board Council Meeting

April 2nd, 2002, 2:00p.m.

City Chambers


MOTION: That the agenda [1. Medical Use of Marihuana] be approved


1. – Medical Use of Marihuana

Mayor Lowe advised that a number of individuals attended last week’s Council meeting and
spoke on the medical use of marihuana. As Council have no authority over this, it was
suggested that they attend the Joint Board/Council meeting. Chief Battershill stated he
was not prepared to discuss any case that is currently before the courts. He advised that
that Federal Criminal Code provisions are federally driven, not municipally.

Members of Council inquired as to how the police set their priorities and if police could
exercise discretion regarding the enforcement of this law. The Chief responded by stating
that the department has a wide variety of priorities. Councillor Madoff was told that
other jurisdictions such as Vancouver and North Vancouver, have communicated that this
issue take a lower priority. Chief Battershill undertook to confirm whether this was the
case. D/Chief Varley explained that the Manitoba government are the only entitty licensed
to produce marihuana for suppliers. Board member Rabinovitch suggested the issue be
discussed at a future Board meeting. It was suggested againt hat police may have to
reconsider priorities when it comes to the use of marihuana for medical purposes.
Chief Battershill stated you risk the danger of going down a very slippery slope when
police are told not to follow the law. The police do not belong in this debate. It was
suggested that an information session be held and that someone from Health Canada be
invited to attend. As well, there is a need to find our what other jurisdictions are

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