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Buyers’ Club Requests License from Health Canada

By Hempology | January 22, 2003

Tues., Jan 21, 2003

Victoria, B.C.: A formal request for a special operating permit to distribute cannabis for medical purposes has been sent to Health Canada by the International Hempology 101 Society and its sister organization, the Cannabis Buyers Clubs of Canada. This follows a decision Thurs. Jan 9 by Ontario Superior Court Justice Sidney Lederman which ordered the government to allow for a legal source of cannabis for sick and disabled citizens within six months.

Last summer the Toronto Compassion Center was raided by police, leaving 1,200 people with no source of medicine. A class action lawsuit was then filed by those charged and members of the club. Lawyer Alan Young argued that the current medical marijuana program was unconstitutional by allowing personal possession of cannabis but not authorizing any legal source for those given legal permission to use this medicine.

One of the applicants was Terry Parker, a man with Multiple Sclerosis who forced the government to grant legal permits to possess and grow cannabis for medical reasons in a decision reached on July 31, 2000. Exactly one year later the Medical Marijuana Access Regulations came into effect, though never passed in law. These regulations, however, did not authorize the distribution of cannabis except for some restrictive research projects. In the meantime, police have raided several medical cannabis clubs across the country.

The CBCoC barely survived four police raids in the year 2002. The last raid occurred on June 21, though it will actually be the first to proceed to trial with a date set for Feb 17. Before the trial, though, the CBCoC will be celebrating its 7TH Anniversary on Sat Jan 25. Being the oldest medical cannabis provider in the country, we expect the CBCoC to be one of the first groups in Canada to be granted a permit to operate.

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