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Over the hills and far way.

By Hempology | January 16, 2003

Kamau Minneh writes “I was imagining the other day that I am probably among the few in my ancestry who have made it to Canada. The country that natures me to health. A lot of things have helped me but one of them is Cannibas. I have made friends through this plant, I have a volunteer position in the club. That really boosts my moral.”

“You see, I have Aids and I need now more than ever before to get out and do things. I met up with Cannibas Buyers Club in 1999 at their convention. I was there with a table for Aids awareness. As I sat there, Kenyan as I am, and I begun to understand that the whole event was not a joke. I could touch the powerful energy slowly building up, with my fingers. I could feel it around the halls of the SUB at campus. I started taking cannibas seriously. I had to loose my mind about anything I knew about cannibas and every other thing for that matter. I let go and soon realised letting go is not a lose but freedom. I healed myself for five years (’97 – ’02) as I mourned the sudden death of my young and only child. She was in Kenya and I was here. First I tried cigarrettes, then gradually Cannibas and wondered in July 02 why I should continue cigarette smoking when the reason I had started smoking had been solved completely? I am all better now. Could not have done it without (Bangi) – Cannibas in Kiswahili. Anyway, to stay on the subject, I lost my mind but I gained my senses. I became unbored because now I was aware of life. In task forcing with other health care products, I find that Cannibas helps me eat and there I feed my immune system and I become functional. Food is a defense for the body system. Aids medication or Aids itself stops me from eating. Cannibas gives me the munchies and the rest is history. I have hope for everyday and every night. I thank the brave souls that completed my circle and gave me my health and life back. I have changed, (cool) and I have grown. Fortunately, I have always believed in the goodness of humankind. Both my goodness and others’. That goodness of humankind has brougt me thus far, literally. Peace, Harmony and Order.”

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