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Cannabis Carols: We Three Buds of Texada Are…

By Hempology | December 25, 2002

To the tune of “We Three Kings of Orient Are”

From the International Hempology 101 Society’s 2002 Cannabis Carol Collection

We three buds of Texada are

Growing plants we’ve hidden afar

Field and flower, need now power

Grown under sun and star

Grown a bud on Texada’s plain,

Pot I bring to smoke up again

Green forever, go dry never,

Texada Timewarp reigns


Oh bud of wonder, bud of sight,

Bud with sticky, crystals bright.

Westward growing, overflowing

Cannabis shares the light.

Cannabis to offer have I,

Incense gets a deity high

Dank and smelly, legs like jelly,

Growing pot day and night.

Organic is the way to grow,

It’s the best pot, we all know

Smoking, flying laughing, crying,

Higher and higher we go-ohhhHHH


Glorious, the Cannabis Tree:

Plant and God, for you and for me

Alleluia, Alleluia,

Ganja sends your mind free.


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