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Second Letter from Hempology to VICS

By Ted | December 17, 2002

Fri Dec 13, 2002

To Vancouver Island Compassion Society

While we are aware that bringing attention to the problems between the two clubs creates further difficulties, we feel strongly that ignoring the situation allows more conflicts to develop. In the long run we are all better off resolving our problems now, before we begin to appear in public at the Dec 20 benefit and through the new year. Given the issues that seem to exist between Ted Smith, founder of the CBC of C, and Phillippe Lucas, founder of VICS, we feel that it is necessary to work with a third-party to mediate between the groups. If you continue to refuse any process to address these problems, we hope that we can at least agree to disagree over several differences between the clubs.

The letter that Mr. Lucas wrote to our club on Dec 2 after his visit identifies many of the problems;

  1. VICS would prefer to ignore the existence of the CBC of C, despite the fact that we contributed to the creation of VICS and have supported VICS in many ways without receiving any help back.

  2. VICS considers the CBC of C to be competition, i.e. McDonalds vs Burger King.

  3. While Mr. Lucas and VICS acknowledge that people with permanent physical medical problems have a legitimate need for cannabis, you do not recognize the CBC of C as a legitimate club because we require a doctors diagnosis of an incurable medical problem, not a full recommendation.

  4. The CBC of C works under the umbrella non-profit group, the International Hempology 101 Society, and is waiting to legally incorporate with all levels of government working with us to properly regulate and monitor financial transactions, health standards and other operational procedures.

Though these issues are not directly threatening to the operations or the long-term success of the CBC of C, by claiming to be the only legitimate source of medicinal cannabis in Victoria, Mr. Lucas and VICS are continually undermining the integrity of the legalization movement. The courts and City of Victoria have acknowledged our mandate as legitimate, why cant Mr. Lucas?

The majority of the almost 1,200 members of the CBC of C could not qualify for VICS because their doctors are reluctant to sign recommendations for the use of cannabis. Mr. Lucas is very wrong when he states that there is a choice for these people who have permanent medical problems. If the CBC of C closed down, 100s of sick people would be forced to go to the streets for medicine. If VICS closes, its 250 members would immediately qualify for the CBC of C without paying a $15 entry fee. By discrediting the CBC of C for maintaining such a strong mandate, Mr. Lucas and VICS are creating confusion and resentment between members, supporters and advocates.

We have the opportunity to push for effective changes to cannabis laws now more than ever. If we keep putting each other down over relatively minor differences, we will continue to lose many more opportunities to improve our clubs, educate the public and advocate the government.

It would be best if we were able to work upon some of these issues before the benefit. Without a third-party mediator, it may be better to continue the dialogue in writing so there is a record of how we are addressing the problems you are creating and how we are trying to resolve them.

We look forward to your response early next week.


Marie Christofferson, President

Ryan Schakohl, Board Member

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