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Change In Our Future If We Take It

By Hempology | December 12, 2002

By Paul Digby

  1. Hempology and it’s ideas spread like wildfire across the nation of ours to help free the weed and
    wrongfully convicted world wide.

  2. Our access to cannabis products grows and seeds and clones flow freely throughout Canada.

  3. Shortly thereafter passing cannabis and/or cannabis products no longer constitutes trafficking
    of a controlled substance.

  4. Within a matter of days, the police refrain from harassing innocnet smokers and cease to confiscate

  5. Our Canadian Foreign Policy outgoing recognizes our right in Canada to use cannabis and cannabis
    products as a lifestyle choice and not an offence under the federal criminal act provincial statutes
    or the municipal bylaws.

  6. Canadians gain back the right to grow organic marijuana for the Canadian market.

It’s your life now. Isn’t it?

Pot is the reason that most of us are here today. As some of you are already aware I’m Paul.

I’ve been smoking pot since I was 14 years old and feel that there is a lot of confusion
about the types, strengths, uses, safety and harm of this great plant.

It has long been established that smoke from any source is harmful – so my tip would be to
buy only the best pot and hold your breath – wait five to seven minutes then repeat as
often as needed.

In my life pot plays a very important role -

And I still know that I am breaking an outdated obsolete law.

Unfortunately marijuana was so good for most of us that once we tried it and liked it we
went on to the other substances that were on the list all under the heading Illegal Drugs.

Luckily I lived through the experiences with drugs myself, but unfortunately a lot of my friends died.
200-300 are still hooked on coke, heroin, speed, morphine, methadone and other harmful drugs. A handful
of them managed to get off drugs and most of those few still smoke cannabis.

Pot is to be respected. It is very strong and has the ability to confuse speech, to distort time
and space judgement, drain motivation, affect memory, cause insomnia, irritate the lungs,
throat, and mouth, and cost a lot of hard earned pennies. Know that pot cures no illness but
can relieve the symptoms for hundreds of problems. That is why I still smoke it knowing that some of
the pot has not been flushed before picking and that a large percentage is grown with dangerous

If you are stopped by the cops smoking THC don’t act like you’re doing anything wrong, because
in my mind you’re not!!! – Look them in the eyes, smile, say “Hello Officer how has your day been?”,
and if need be you tell them that you are an upstanding citizen and that you don’t use drugs.

Our challenge here at Hempology 101 is to educate you to be able to educate others abotu the safe,
responsible use of plants such as pot.

Please feel free to ask me about any herb or drug related questions. Thank-you for listening.

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