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Victoria Officially Celebrates November 15th as International Medical Marijuana Day

By Ted | November 15, 2002

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By Ted Smith

Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society

Thursday, November 14th, 2002

Victoria, BC: Victoria will be the first city in Canada to officially celebrate the
use of cannabis as medicine after several police raids prompted members and supporters of the
Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada to appeal to City Hall for help. Health Canada, on the other hand,
appears willing to allow people to suffer and die without medicine by not working with organized,
functioning clubs and otherwise not supplying the herb to anyone. While recognition by the city
council does not exactly legalize medical cannabis clubs, the official Proclamation of November 15th
as International Medical Marijuana Day will help raise public awareness about this important issue.

The first ever International Medical Marijuana Awards Presentation will occur at 1pm at the Greater
Victoria Public Library meeting room, kicking off the day’s events. At about 2pm the group will leave
the library to go to Centennial Square, where more speakers will address the crowd. It is not clear
whether any pot cookies will be given out this year, partly because the founder of the International
Hempology 101 Society, Leon “Ted” Smith, has been arrested and charged with possession for the purpose
of trafficking before the cookie-giveaway could occur on November 15th, 2000.

At 4:20pm, Ted, who could become Mayor of Victoria the next day, will appear with his band
Hydrosaurus Rex and the Unnatural Disasters to sing BC Hydro protest songs.

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