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International Hempology 101 Society Minutes – 2002/09/17

By Hempology | September 22, 2002

International Hempology 101 Society
Board Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, September 17th, 2002

Ryan Bushby
Ted Smith
Christian Bell
Jim Davy
Lee Morrison
Ryan Schakohl
Ted Dehli

Meeting started at 7:15p.m.

– Quarrum reached with 5 board members in attendance

– Name change request approved!

– Executive Positions

1. a. Lee nominated Marie Christofferson as President
b. Ryan Bushby seconded Lee’s nomination

2. a. Jim Davy nominated Tyler as Vice-President
b. Ryan Schakohl seconded Jim’s nomination
c. Tyler accepted the nomination

3. a. Tyler nominated Christian as Secretary
b. Ryan Schakohl seconded Tyler’s nomination
c. Jim thirded Tyler’s nomination
d. Christian declined Tyler’s nomination

4. a. Lee nominated Christian as Treasurer
b. Tyler seconded Lee’s nomination
c. Christian accepted Lee’s nomination

5. a. Ryan nominated Lee as Secretary
b. Jim seconded Ryan’s nomination
c. Lee accepted Ryan’s nomination

– Schools, School Clubs

1. We need good guest speakers and conversations each week.

2. People that are going need to prepare with different materials and things

3. Focus on signing new members up to the society and clubs

4. A “joint” meeting between the Camosun and UVic clubs needs to be scheduled

– Ted’s running for mayor…
Nomination goes in October 1st, same day as some of his financial statements. “Here we go!”

– The ceremony for Ian yesterday was very successful, many good activists showed up, and it was
good to be able to say good-bye to him like that. If it were not for Ian, “Hemp 101″, the course
that was a precursor to Hempology 101, would have never happened.

– Court

1. Ted was in court last monday on the 9th – Ted is in court again January 17th for a Trial
Arrangement Hearing

2. Ryan’s court date is Tuesday, September 24th, at 10am at the Victoria Courthouse

– Webpages

1. We should have an open dialog about city government, etc.

– International Medical Marijuana Day

1. The first IMMD in Victoria was looseley based on the San Fran/New York one, we talked mainly
about atlantis in a classroom

2. We’re going to rent the meeting room at the victoria public library for this year’s IMMD

3. When we’re done with the official ceremony, we’ll go out to the outdoor foyer of the libraray
to start a march for medical marijauna around town.

4. This year we will have the first ever International Medical Marijuana Awards!
a. We’ll be taking submissions from all around the world for nominations for the awards.
b. Different categories for awards:
i. Best Activist
ii. Best Medical Marijuana Group
iii. Top Lawyer
iv. Best Research Project
v. Most Compassionate Doctor
vi. Best Written News Report

– Next Board Metting: Friday, October the 11th, 7:00pm

Meeting adjourned at 8:00p.m.

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