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Protest at High Seas

By Hempology | September 10, 2002

By FlashGordon

Submitted 2002.09.04

The Prince of Pot scoured his penthouse pad looking for ingredients for a sticky enough mixture. In the bedroom he found 10 grams of bottom of the bag blueberry and in the kitchen he came up with some very lousy pressed hash.

On the mantlepiece, under the picture of his son, he found a small vile of some really sticky oil. He had given an interview to BCTV pledging to protest the presence of drug sniffing dogs on BC Ferries by scenting the car decks with traces of THC. Flash and his cohort had volunteered to make up as potent a mixture as they could by mixing it and a half pound of Verde Luminso trim, donated by High Voltage Cannaceuticals ,with as much frozen 99% isopropyl alcohol as they would let them buy at London Drugs and casually mist the car decks using spray bottles concealed in their sleeves.

Mike Cust put together a dynamite pamphlet explaining the rational behind the protest and the basic rights being violated by police acting without warrants on Ferries.

A small group of hard core activists; Peter of, David the school teacher, Mike and his cute assistant met Flash and his cohort at BCMP headquarters at 9:00AM. The Patron of the Rebellious Arts pulled up in his Ford Excessive joining them on their excursion. Risking banishment from BC Ferries the prince did not want to take it over for the crossing incase they forbade him to bring it back so they parked at Horseshoe Bay and boarded as passengers. Flash and his Cohort made like they did not know the rest of the group so as not to be identified with them and descended to the bottom most car deck once the cars were parked and misted the posts and between cars, taking care not to spray on anyones car in case they were to find themselves delayed at the border.

It took only moments to walk up and down the decks misting, passengers slept in their cars or passed them in the passageway. The decks were not completely deserted and ferry staff paid them no never mind, lost as they appeared.

Once they had signaled that they were through misting, the rest of the team set to work informing the ferry passengers and crew of the protest act and of their rights.

Once they had landed they walked to the Beefeater restaurant and were treated to a gourmet lunch on the deck and talked about regional cultural differences, the foolishness of Prohibition, and of course sex, for about and hour and a half. They Boarded the next ferry which they misted and continued to pamphlet. The information was well received and the reception was favorable, much like it had been during the provincial election. Many people wished Marc Emery luck in his run for Mayor and expressed disgust with the recent police action. Even if there were no dogs on this particular Ferry, on this particular day, what they had done was symbolic not unlike Ghandis turning seawater into salt. Fighting the drug war using THC and information as their only weapons.

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