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Leon “Ted” Smith to announce election platform next week

By Ted | July 26, 2002

Friday, July 26, 2002

Victoria, B.C. – Founder of Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society and the Cannabis Buyers’
Clubs of Canada, Leon “Ted” Smith, will announce his election platform to become Mayor of Victoria
at City Hall, Monday July 29, at the statue of Sir John A. MacDonald on Pandora Ave at 2pm.

Thoughtful Economic Development will be Ted’s focus throughout the campaign. Extensive experience
with student, youth and social-serving agencies, combined with an education in accounting,
economics and philosophy, make Ted a credible candidate for the position of Mayor. A full platform
will be released Monday explaining the broad range of issues that Ted will bring to city

Victoria needs a Mayor who is focused on local social and economic issues, sustaining efficient
enterprises while developing innovative opportunities in response to difficult situations.
The possible loss of the Youth Employment Project is an example where the city has helped create
and develop a valuable community program which has not been responsibly nutured and is now in

Ted will prove through the next 4 months of campaigning that he is a capable, informed
and inspiring leader who will fully realize Victoria’s potential when he becomes Mayor this fall.
This Monday at 2pm, at the Sir John A. MacDonald statue at City Hall, Ted will change politics
in Victoria, forever.

For more information, Contact:

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