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Lee’s Address to City Council

By Hemp | June 28, 2002

more by Lee Morrison

Director, Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society.

Honourable Mr. Lowe + Councillors,

I am here on behalf of the people of Victoria who require cannabis to survive.

I suffer from Atypical Connective Tissue Disorder, Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis as well as
a disintegration of the spine and severe migranes. The pain is intense to say the least. I am
also raising an ADHD child as a single parent. A small amount of cannabis throughout the day
provides enough pain control for me to continue to live and care for my daughter effectively.
I have adverse reactions to conventional pain killers. I also had not smoked cannabis for about
12 years before I became ill – not since college.

When I utilize cannabis, I do not feel stoned or disoriented. I simply am able to disengage from
the pain.

My life before I began controlling my pain with cannabis was dehabilitating. The spasms and pain
throughout my body had rendered me unable to function. I was able to maintain only minimal physical
activity. I gained weight and became depressed.

Cannabis gave me back my life and my story is not an exception but a rule. The Victoria City Police
has chosen to disregard the health of our members. By continued persection of the Cannabis Buyers’
Club our health is compromised. The organization is as necessary as the local pharmacy for keeping
our members alive.

The laws of cannabis are crumbling. Canadians are aware of this and yet Victoria Police are continuing
to waste tax payers money on further harming the disabled.

We are always willing to cooperate with the police and would welcome an opportunity to meet and discuss
guidelines of operation and issues. Vancouver Police already have a working model of positive and
supportive interactions. We are not criminals and greatly resent being treated as such.

Cooperation is better than condemning.

Thank you.

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