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Join us at the Thursday night City Council meeting

By Ted | June 25, 2002

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By Ted Smith

Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society

Victoria, BC: Another raid by police at the headquarters of the
Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada has prompted supporters to once again address
Victoria City Council. After earlier raids this year, council passed a
unaminous motion on April 18th supporting the use of cannabis as medicine.
Despite previous court decisions, city council support and the existance of
legal permits from Health Canada, police continue to arrest and harass those
who grow, supply or use this medicine.

Health Canada was told in April to come so Victoria’s police, politicians
and the general populace could hear directly from the
Office of Cannabis Medical Access about it’s programs. The
date for this meeting has apparently not been set yet. Health Canada is reluctant to
admit in public that thousands will die aware that cannabis helps them before the
government supplies a gram or seed for any research. The very restrictive programs, for
which the substandard Flin Flon crop is intended, are structured to fail. The
reasons why Health Canada is stalling any public meeting on this issue are many,
especially in Victoria.

Members of the CBCoC and the general public are outraged in regards to the raid
late Friday afternoon. There seems to be no apparent reason for the warrant to be issued,
except that the police were in the store the day before pertaining to an incident
unrelated to the organization with a now cut-off member. One kilogram of cannabis and
about 101 cookies are being used as evidence for charges of Possession for the Purpose
of Trafficking against one person. Police should be protecting medically compromised
citizens, not intimidating and arresting those helping them. City Council will hear
Thursday night just how angry people are over this latest police attack.

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