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Victoria area medicinal cannabis grower is in court tomorrow

By Hempology | June 16, 2002

Shawn Lommerse is Grant Krieger’s newphew, and worked with the Grant W. Krieger Cannabis Research Foundation as a grower, providing high-grade cannabis to those that need it for medical purposes through the Foundation. Shawn appears before the courts for his Trial Arrangement Hearing at the Western Communities Courthouse (1756 Island Highway) this upcoming Wednesday, June the 19th, at 2 P.M. Please come out next Wednesday and show your support for Shawn.

Last December, Shawn was found with cannabis and charged for Possession of a Controlled Substance. On May 21st, police showed up at his home in the Western Communities and served him with his summons to appear in court for the December charges. While they were there, they noticed the strong smell of cannabis coming from the house, and a week later police again showed up, this time with a search warrant. Shawn was at work in Victoria when the police came to his residence that day, so they broke in and searched his house, and found his medicinal cannabis growing operation of about 350 cannabis plants. When Shawn returned home that night, police were waiting for him. They arrested him for Cultivation of Marijuana and placed him in Wilkinson Road Jail in Victoria. He has since had a bail hearing and has been granted a Jury at his trial and was released on a $2500 surety. According to the judge, part of the reason that he was released was because Shawn was working with the Grant W. Krieger Cannabis Research Foundation.

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