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Senators Reveal Truth About Cannabis

By Ted | May 15, 2002

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By Ted Smith

Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society

Advocates for cannabis legalization were very pleased with the
Senate Special Committee on Illegal Drugs yesterday in a public
forum intended to discuss the recently released interim report
titled “Discussion Paper on Cannabis”. Though not printed on
hemp, the report clearly shows that consuming high quality cannabis
is not as harmful as using many other legal mind-altering products,
does not necessarily contribute to criminal activities, is not a
“gateway” to further drug experimentation, is not addictive or even
harmful to chronic users, impairs driving slightly, and under the current
prohibition regime, causes disrespect for the rule of law.

Several times throughout the day, Chair Pierre Claude Nolin stopped
RCMP, health officials and others from making false scientific claims
about the potential negative impacts of cannabis. Senator Nolin clearly
understood that almost all of the studies referred to by those who believe
in prohibition were unscientific, with the results usually determined before
the research begins.
The committee often referred to research collected to-date, telling officials
they would not accept studies conducted by bias institutions and instructing
them to review authentic research material on the subject.

Unfortunately, some cannabis activists undermined the movement’s credibility
with false statements, personal attacks and rude behaviour. If legalization
advocates want society to be reasonable, honest, and vicil, then we had better
act responsibly ourselves. Though arrests and harassment continues to be the
tods of authority, our best defense is our intelligence and compassion,
not insults.

The final report from the committee is expected in August, though the federal
government is not required to act upon the recommendations in that document,
there is no doubt this committee is having some effect. United States officials
have specifically identified this endeavour as a threat to their programs,
and are increasing pressure upon our government to retain the laws prohibiting
cannabis. Canadians, however, are becoming intolerant of US interference in our
soverign affairs, realizing US policies generally protect corporate interests over
the rights and freedoms of citizens, at home or abroad. Thankfully, the Canadian
Senate appears ready to stand up to the USA on this issue of cannabis prohibition,
giving activists and citizens a very powerful ally in the oldest, deadliest war in

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