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A Breach of Decorum?

By Hemp | April 29, 2002

more by Lee Morrison

Director, Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society.

When Dr. Keith Martin chose to take the mace into his own hand, presenting a member’s bill to parliament
that proposed the decriminalization of cannabis, a severe breach of parliamentary procedure occurred.
I don’t believe I’ve ever heard such a large roar over physically such a small action. By seizing the mace,
declaring the travesty of the Liberal Democratic system he essentially undermined the Parliament.

Dr. Martin’s
message was clear to the Liberals: You are not following the wishes of the Canadian people. Therefore, the true
breach of decorum happened when the Liberals blocked the private members bill put forth by Dr. Keith Martin.
Dr. Martin is correct. The Canadian people are furious that their valuable tax dollars are being wasted in the
persecution of cannabis users. They will become even more infuriated when it is realized that the legalization of
medical marijuana has become a farce. Two crops have now been harvested in Flin-Flon yet nothing has been distributed
to the individuals suffering, including exemptees. Anne McClellan has taken a step back in prohibition
history and has made it clear that she is not a cannabis supporter.

Dr. Keith Martin mirrored the frustration we all feel. I certainly do not follow the Alliance party in any way
but I appreciate the bravery of his actions. He brought back into the light an issue that was being buried once
again by the Government. Thanks Dr. Martin.

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