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Victora’s Committee of the Whole to help cannabis smokers

By Ted | April 17, 2002


Tuesday, April 16th, 2002

Victoria, B.C.: This Thursday morning the Victoria City Council could be sending
a clear message to the police department that cannabis smokers should not be a priority
of law enforcement. Taking the measure one step further, Councillor Rob Fleming has also
proposed that every municipality in the country pass a similar resolution.

This motion has been argued by members and supporters of the Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada,
a group of almost 1000 people with incurable medical problems. In Victoria for over 6 years,
the CBCoC has watched the founder, Ted Smith, get charged twice this year, putting the future
of the club at risk. Recent city council meetings have witnessed many supports of the club
defending the organization, explaining how cannabis helps them deal with the medical problems
and asking the city to speed up a future public meeting with Health Canada.

The Committee of the Whole is prepared to mass a motion which states that,
“Victoria City Council expresses its support for the decriminalization of marijuana (cannabis)
use and possession, particulaly for medicinal purposes, in Canada and request that the Federation of
Canadian Municipalities (FCM) undertake efforts to influence the federal government to amend or repeal
applicable laws.”

At the Council Meeting of April 11, 2002, it was moved by Councillor Fleming, seconded by Councillor Madoff,
that the motion be referred to the next Committee of the Whole Meeting for discussion and that representatives
of Health Canada be invited to attend a future COTW meeting.

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