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Letter to Victoria City Council

By Ted | April 11, 2002

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By Ted Smith

Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society

Thursday, April 11, 2002

To: Mayor and Councillors, Victoria, B.C.
From: Leon “Ted” Smith, Head Consultant, Victorias Hempology 101 Society

This is a formal request for Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society to make a presentation to the
Committee of the Whole to request council to pass a resolution stating that the Victoria police
department should consider the federal laws regarding the possession of cannabis be the lowest
priority of enforcement. The other request we have is for council to see that a new business license
be granted to the society under the name of The Island Holistic Learning Center, which is currently
being processed.

The delegation would include Dr. James Geiwitz, lawyer Bob Moore-Stewart, myself, and a member of the
Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada. This group will present council with information regarding the
medicinal use of cannabis, the inadequate programs of Health Canada and the activities of the CBC of C.
Many people’s lives are at stake under the current situation, and the faster Health Canada can be encouraged
to publicly explain their ineffective programs, the faster people can concentrate upon their health instead
of politics.

Please do not deny us a chance to engage in a dialogue with professionals at hand.

Yours Truly
Leon “Ted” Smith

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