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Police raid local store, seize pot stash worth $18,500

By Hempology | March 25, 2002


Friday, March 22nd, 2002

Victoria police seized more than four kilograms of marijuana Thursday after
searching Ted’s Books downtown.

Sgt. Del Manak said police also seized about 40 oatmeal and chocolate chip
cookies laced with marijuana, some hash and 80 tablets containing the active
ingredient of pot as well as drug paraphernalia such as scales.

The street value of the seized drugs is estimated at $18,500, Manak said. Police
used a search warrant to gain access to the store about 1:45 p.m.

It was not the furst time police have raided the store at 826 Johnson St. and seized

Police were at the store in early January after getting a complaint that marijuana
was being displayed in plain view and a staff member was cutting it up when police

Police said the owner told them the pot was used for medicinal purposes. The federal
government first allowed exemptions to drug laws on compassionate grounds in 1998.
However, police said the store was not licensed to sell marijuana for those purposes.

Owner Ted Smith wanted Health Canada to turn over the 3.2 kilograms of marijuana
seized in January to people who need it for medicinal purposes.

The police said the marijuana was being kept as evidence. “(Smith) is quite well known
to the police and community as an advocate for legalizing marijuana,” Manak said.

The country’s only authorized supply of marijuana is in an underground mine in
Flin Flon, Man. Prairie Plant Systems, of Saskatoon, is contracted to grow pot
for Health Canada.

Ted (Leon Edward) Smith, 32, was arrested and held overnight Thursday in
police cells, Manak said.

Police are recommending he be charged with possession of marijuana for the
purpose of trafficking, Manak said. Smith will appear in court today if he
is to be formally charged.

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