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2002/03/14 Board Meeting – Minutes

By Hempology | March 14, 2002


Leon “Ted” Smith, President
Ryan Bushby, Vice-President
Odin Lake. Director
Tyler MacDonald, Secretary
Christian Bell, Treasurer
Marty (non-member)


1, Bank Account
2. Convention
3. Courts
4. CBCoC
5. UVic / Camosun Clubs
6. Webpage
7. Next Meeting

1. Bank Account

– Different options for banks were discussed.

– Marty thought that Ted’s Lawyer (Bob Moore-Stewart) should have
authority on account as well, but Ted does not think that is

– Ryan suggested (jokingly) that we go for charitable status.

– Tyler MacDonald puts a Motion forward: that Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society opens a
bank account at the TD-Canada Trust Bank, and that signing authority for the Society’s
Bank Account to be granted to Leon “Ted” Smith, Ryan Bushby, and Christian Bell.

– Odin Lake seconds the Motion.

– Ted, Ryan, and Christian arranged to meet to set up the bank account next Monday @ 3pm
They figure that they will be finished with the bank before 4:20.

2. Convention

– Ted feels that the combination of him and Marc will bring the most explosive convention
in cannabis history, bringing both the left and the right of the movement together for
the world to see.

– Ted discussed the diversity of the cannabis movement.

– Information Booth

– Ryan, Odin, Tyler working info booth – Christian doing camera work,
Tyler and Odin offered to relieve Christian.

– Arranged work
– Tyler MacDonald working the booth 12pm to 2pm, then 4pm to 5pm,
plus 1hr running a Camera

– Ryan Bushby working the booth 12pm to 2pm, then 4pm to 5pm.

– Marie may do the 2pm to 4pm shift, maybe lee, ….?

3. Courts

– Feb.27 went exceptionally well. Ted says “thanks for the letters of support”.

– June 3rd to 5th – Constitutional Trial

4. CBCoC

– Still several thousand dollars in debt from raid, but managing well because of
good credit in the community

– New club open in Halifax under John Cook’s direction — 2 clubs may be officially
opening this spring in Nova Scotia

– CBCoC got a brand new corporate logo… it looks great… THANKS JUNIOR!!!

- Lee showed up LATE!!!

5. UVic/Camosun Clubs

– We’re going to have to have the Camosun and UVic Hempology Clubs’ General Meetings,
together, at ted’s books (826 johnson st) Thursday April 18th 7pm.

6. Webpage

– Goin’ good!

– More video footage, much more excellent video footage to come

– Gotta get ALL the old archive photos scanned!!!

7. Next Meeting

– Thursday May 16th – 7pm – Ted’s books

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