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Medical Marijuana’s Future Needs Your Help

By Hempology | February 6, 2002

To who it may concern,

My name is Gary Henry.

I am CBCoC member #203.

I was charged along with Ted Smith on January the 3rd.
Ted was charged with possession of seven pounds of marijuana
for the purpose of Trafficking. I was charged with possession
of one joint’s worth of marijuana. I am a medical user
and as you probably already know, Ted is the coordinator
of the Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada, where I get my
medicine from.

I am asking any one who would like to support Ted Smith and myself
to write letters addressed to the court, explaining why you think he
should not be incarcerated for selling our medicine: marijuania and
marijuania products, such cookies and salve.

I have been using marijuania for years,
not as a mind altering drug, but as a pain reliever and a musule relaxer.
In 1991 I was in a automobile accident.
I recieved severe trauma, and a crush wound to my right leg.
The end result was that I had to have flesh amputated from my leg.
My moblity is not what it was before the accident and I experience pain
from the wound daily.

Other pain relievers do cloud my mind and judgment.
Marijuania taken for medical reasons, has worked well
for myself.

Ted Smith is doing Victoria a excelent job so far.
If he is sent him to Jail where do I get my Medicine?
I believe In Teb Smith and the Buyers Club. Do YOU?

Sending in a hand writen letter is better than sending an e-mail.
But either will be accpeted. Address your letters appropriately;
to the court of canada, or the minister of justice, or whatever
you feel is appropriate for your letter.

Drop your letters off at:

826 Johnson St

Victoria B.C.

V8W 1N3

Or email to:

Thank you!

Gary Henry

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