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Marc Emery donates $1,000 to CBCoC

By Hempology | January 26, 2002


Well it seems despite their years of political differences, two of the
world’s most outspoken marijuana advocates have reached at least one
consensus: the current drug laws are poop. Even with Ted Smith’s past
5 years of criticism of Marc Emery’s political platforms and other
schemes, they’ve managed to meet on the proverbial high-ground (pardon
the pun). Last week Marc stopped by to offer his support and a
donation of $1,000 to help us make up for the recent search & seizure
of all the medicine at the Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada head

The police transgression set the CBCoC back approximately 7 to 8
thousand dollars, which we’ve pretty much had to write off, so the
donation was greatly appreciated. If only the Canadian government was
as eager to help people as the community is, we’d be back on our feet
in no time (though if the Canadian government was at all eager to help
people, we wouldn’t need to be here). Hopefully Health Canada will do
the right thing and give the medicine to those who need it instead of
destroying it and laying charges on Ted.

In any event, many thanks to Marc and everyone else in the community
who has pitched in to help out in this time of strife!

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