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Pot busts waste tax dollars

By Hempology | January 12, 2002


The recent Auditor General’s report on prohibition criticized the federal government for a lack of accountability.

It confirmed that the government spends $500 million a year on its prohibition strategy, with two-thirds of all drug charges being for pot.

$500 million a year works out to about $60,000 an hour or $1,000 a minute. Since two-thirds of charges are for pot, two-thirds of that hourly budget, or $40,000 an hour, is spent on pot prohibition.

Remember that Canada’s books are in the red – so we are borrowing that $40,000 an hour and will be paying interest until the government repays the loan, which is generally never.

Only the government could go to a bank and keep getting this kind of money for a program that is such an abject failure. Can you imagine if any one of us tried to get a loan from a bank on a car that does not work 95 percent of the time?
That is what you are paying for with marijuana prohibition.

And as for the raid on the local bookstore – just part of the theft of your tax dollars.

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