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Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada Raided!!

By Hempology | January 10, 2002

From THE BUDWISER, a publication of
Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society.

Volume #3, Issue #3 – January 2002

By Scott Johnstone.

On January 3rd, 2002, a blacklisted member of the CBCoC summoned a Victoria Police officer off the streets to investigate activities conducted at the CBCoC head office. He implied to the officer that the CBCoC had been distributing cannabis to non-members – that is, people without incurable medical conditions (which, ironically enough, was what he had been blacklisted for doing). As the officer entered Ted’s Books, the location of the CBCoC head office, he spotted a member at a desk rolling a cannabis joint.

Normally, as a rule, cannabis must not be prepared in the public front-room of Ted’s Books but in the closed space of the smoking room. The officer, responding to a complaint by the blacklisted member, began to engage the suspect rolling the “contraband” then called in back-up which arrived swiftly, as the main station is only blocks away from the bookstore. They decided hesitantly to proceed with the search and seizure, and seized approximately $7000 in cannabis medicine, $300 in cash and $100 in cookies. As well, membership records and several police photographs were collected as evidence. The CBCoC reopened 2 hours after the incident and has been operating since. No arrests were made and the police have stated that the federal Department of Justice will review this case and they will react to their judgement. The CBCoC hopes that all property of the club will be returned and that the justice system will protect the providers of medical cannabis and the rights of those currently benefiting from this sacred medicine.

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