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Lee’s Testimony to Medical Marijuana

By Hemp | December 4, 2001

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CBC Canada member.

Tuesday, December 4th, 2001

On the surface no-one would ever suspect me. But I do smoke cannabis daily and I
attribute the incredible improvements to my health to it.

I was 23, in university, working, volunteering and I thought healthy when my
illness began to manifest itself. Within six months, I was in UBC hospital,
extremely ill with an unknown disease. The symptoms wee random and uncontrollable.
Severe migraines, vision loss, swelling and pain of the joints, tendons, and ligaments,
weakness, dizziness, and an extremely elevated sedimentation rate. Something was
seriously wrong.

It was 5 years later before I was diagnosed. It was atypical connective tissue
disorder. A rare and not well defined arthritic disease. Treatment was made even
more difficult by my serious allergies to coedine, demerol, morphine, and narcotics.
For years, I basically suffered. I became unable to support myself financially and
ended up on welfare.

The result was not only an affect on my physical health but my mental health was

When I was 33, a doctor suggested that cannabis might be a solution to controlling
my dehabilitating pain. After doing some research I gave it a try. The difference
was amazing. It was not total elimination of pain, but it gave me an ability to
almost transcend it.

Five years later, I smoke cannabis serveral times a day. I find that maintaining
a high THC level in my body is important to remaining active.

Cannabis hasn’t cured me… yet. But it certainly has allowed me to take a more
active role in life I can work part-time, care for my daughter, and participate in
many of the activities I always enjoyed before.

I reccomended cannabis regularly to people. I believe in it strongly and I know that
if it wasnt or this magical herb my life would have deteriorated further. I now help
in the very organization which has been an intricate part of my survival.

Is cannabis for everyone? No. But I know that for meny people, it may be the
most important medicine to keep available at all times.

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