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An Introduction To Hempology 101

By Hempology | August 29, 2001

By Jim Hedger

Member, Victoria’s Hempology 101 Society

The simplest way to describe Hempology 101 is a weekly gathering of people whose common cause is the legalization of marijuana. The group, which is organized as a provincially registered non-profit society meets at 7 p.m. each Wednesday evening by the bandshell in beautiful Beacon Hill Park. An average meeting will see upwards of 150 people gather in a large circle around Hempology author, activist and speaker, Ted Smith. Ted’s lectures, which can ramble on for hours, provide an interesting look at the history, tense present and future of hemp and marijuana in Canada and around the world.

Each meeting begins with a 42-second silence in memory of victims of the War on Drugs. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people rot in our taxpayer funded prisons so the petrol-chemical drug pushers can protect their murderous positions. Some of these prisoners may be a relative or someone else you’ve known. Someday, it might be you. 42 seconds is the least we can give.

Immediately following the 42 seconds of silence, several massive joints, made up of hundreds of roaches donated by fellow pot smokers are passed and lighted around the circle. The weekly record is 31.5 grams in roaches! As the large joints make their way around the circle, Ted begins his lecture and the group settles in for an few hours of relaxing, funny times with their friends and community.

Hempology 101 started as a student club at the University of Victoria in 1996. At the same time, local hemp shop owner and pro-marijuana advocate Ian Hunter started holding his weekly 4:20 circles in the tourist oriented Bastion Square. Several misadventures later, the two concepts merged into the Hempology 101 gathering we know today. It is an organized society offering lifetime memberships for $20cdn. Membership, having its privileges entitles you to discounts on most items sold by the society, such as books, t-shirts and the 2nd edition printing of the Hempology 101 textbook.

Hempology 101 is a direct supporter of the Cannabis Buyers Club and supports all community efforts to provide medicinal marijuana to people who need it.

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