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One day soon we’ll celebrate a “Hempy Day”

By admin | July 20, 2010

One day soon we’ll celebrate a “Hempy Day”: The political climate in B.C. is ripe for a change in thinking

BLOG POST posted on July 19, 2010 by mediageode

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Oh, fields of hemp, what a wonderful world it could be…
Oh, fields of hemp, what a wonderful world it could be…

→Dominion Stories, →The Co-op

The road to new economics—new philosophy is now open for travelers. Hemp for textile, environmental and even ‘building’ use is beginning to make waves in the cultural conversation.

Below are must-read articles:

Today in the Epoch Times, there is an excellent article discussing the various uses for hemp while explaining the distinction between hemp and marijuana and yet not demonizing the latter by any means. Take the time to read:

This next article gently discusses hemp and marijuana while touching base in a Q&A with the woman—the formidable Jessica Van derVeen—who nearly beat sitting-Liberal MLA Ida Chong in Oak Bay-Gordon Head constituency, in a hard-fought race in last provincial election.…

Lastly, this article discusses what a hemp textile economy could look like in BC. Bill Finley, owner of Hemp & Company clothing store educates us on the merits of hemp:’s-economic-future/

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