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UVic Reeferendum Passes

By admin | March 1, 2012

For Immediate Release

Thurs March 1, 2012

Victoria, B.C.: In a referendum held this week, students at the University of Victoria voted in support of the weekly 420 meetings of the UVSS Hempology 101 Club getting an exemption from the new smoking by-law. While the vote was closer than the club had hoped for, 52% is still a victory.

Here is the wording of the Reeferendum: Do you support a directive to the UVSS Board of Directors, to ask the University of Victoria to create an exemption to the smoking ban that would allow the Hempology 101 Club to hold their weekly meeting at the UVic central quad.?

Here are the numbers: Ballots 3335 Spoiled 2 Valid Ballots 3333 For 1731 Opposed 1602 51.94%

Since the new bylaw came into effect last Sept, the weekly 420 meetings have been help near the Sub Building. At this point, the executive of the Hempology 101 Club plans upon meeting with the new president, Emily Rogers, to discuss possible legal avenues. The smoking policy does have a built in mechanism for an exemption for traditional ceremonies.

The UVSS Hempology 101 Club is the largest student club at the University of Victoria.

For more information see or call 250-381-4220.

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