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Pot Gossip- Monday Magazine May 6-12, 2010

By admin | May 5, 2010

The Victoria chapter of the Cannabis Buyers Club found itself in familiar territory last week: back before a judge to hear charges against one of its members stemming from the manufacture of medicinal marijuana products the organization distribute (sic) to clients. This time, rather than Buyers Club founder Ted Smith being up against the law, its baker Owen Smith who’s facing charges of Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking in cannabis and Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) after VicPD raided an apartment used by the Buyers Club to bake edible marijuana products in December, 2009. The raid was sparked by a complaint about the smell of marijuana wafting through the apartments hallways. As usual, the Buyers Club’s Smith welcomes the opportunity to stand before a judge and try to discredit Canada’s Medical Marijuana Access Regulations.

“Right now I feel like we have an opportunity to further challenge these laws and make this medicine more available to people and have people gain a broader understanding of the benefits of this plant,” says Smith. “For us, this is now not only a legal campaign, but it is a health-care campaign that we get to go and highlight what we’re doing and why and what the flaws in the law are. Because what this really boils down to is natural medicine against synthetics. They’re trying to protect synthetic drugs and pharmaceutical companies with these laws, and it couldn’t be more obvious than by making THC illegal in the plant form so they can sell Marinol.” (Marinol is a synthetic-THC prescription pharmaceutical.)

The Cannabis Buyers Club claims to have 3,000 clients in the region.

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